“Nobody approaches weight loss this way…”

Why the EASIEST and FASTEST Way To

“Get Honeycutt”!

Hello, thank you for giving me a few minutes to talk to you today about your weight loss goals.


I’m Warren Honeycutt.

As you may have heard me say on the radio, I have a simple and easy method that will guide you without fail from where you are right now to where want to be.

You see, I teach the 7 Keys To Success that will help you lose those unwanted excess pounds…
improve how you feel every day, inside and out… and actually get your body to fit into much
smaller-size clothes.


Now, I’m not here to “sell” you anything today. Far from it.

You see, I don't believe in selling you something that you know you
won’t do.

Instead, I’m going to show you WHY your past attempts have failed…
why it’s not your fault… and how you can easily make just a few
simple changes in the things you eat, in your MINDSET, and how you
MOVE your body every day.

Several simple changes make up my 7 Keys To Success.

They’re not painful. They don’t require much time.
And they’re not hard to follow or blend into your life.

Instead, the things I teach you make losing weight (and keeping
it off)…

As easy as breathing or driving a car!

I’m not kidding. They’re remarkably simple. You can put them on

So if you’ll let me, I will take you by the hand, step by step, day by day
for the next 7 days – and lead you to the body you want.

You’ll have a body you can finally feel good about. A body others will
admire. The same body you probably had in your late teens or early
20’s. The body you want to have, once again.

Yes, that body.

You can get that body back. Because it’s already IN you!


All we have to do is bring it back out.

And that means is changing just a few
little things that need fixing.

Before you know it, those excess pounds
of fat will simply melt away like butter in a

Effortlessly. Quickly. Without radical
changes in your life.
The MAIN changes are in your MIND.

I’m all about what’s “between your ears” –
not the weights in your hands.



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How the Health Are You?

By the time you finish watching these 7 videos, you’ll understand
more about weight loss and proper eating strategies than you ever imagined was possible.

You’ll be able to crash through the barriers that are holding you back
right now.

You’ll see clearly – perhaps for the first time – exactly what’s been
keeping you “fat and unhappy.”


Listen: I’m 64 years old and I’m told (all
the time) I have the body of someone in
their 20’s

That’s not an accident nor good genetics.
It’s because I’ve been using my 7 Keys to
Success all my life.


I’ve also used them to help thousands of people just like you during
my 40-year career as a personal trainer and life coach.

And now I can’t wait to get you started.

I truly believe you’re eager to look and feel your best!

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When you’ve finished watching my videos, you’ll be able to make
your own well-reasoned decision about my program – and whether
or not it’s right for you.


One step at a time, we will return you to the body you want.

But the first step starts now.

You see I know that every person on earth is an absolute miracle.

And that includes YOU.

So please submit your email address here… and I’ll see you soon!

I Wish You All the Best!

Warren Honeycutt

One last thing. It’s important…

What I’m all about is showing you how to want to change – and then
taking the steps to GET THERE.

There’s much more to all this than “reps, sets, and calorie-counting” –
the way most people approach the challenge of weight-loss, fitness,
and health management.

Learn my 7 Keys To Success – as explained in the 7 FREE videos I’ll
send you, starting today – and you’ll be able to CHANGE YOURSELF
once and for all.

These “life skills” last a lifetime.

But I’m giving them away – because I firmly believe they should not
be kept hidden from people.

I have a burning desire to HELP people. I have a burning desire to
help YOU!

And I do tell it like it is. In my opinion that’s the ONLY way to share
the truth.

Won’t you join me right now?

Give me your best email address, and your first free video will be on
its way to you in no time.

Your life will go from DREAMS to REALITY in 45-60 days.

And that’s when your true happiness will start!

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Warren introduced me to his ‘Get Lean for Life’ system and I was amazed at how differently he approached weight control than everybody else. His program taught me how to make a lifestyle change, a change that not only made losing weight easy but for the first time in my life I understood how to change my mind to change my body! My photo here shows me at my first show, I placed 3rd in the Southern Classic, Figure Division.


Warren Honeycutt is this era's Jack Lalanne! He is the kind of guest everyone wants on their show. He's energetic, has a great sense of humor and delivers a great message with passion and credibility. He knows what he's talking about because he's been there. Plus he looks incredible and can rip a phone book in half while you watch?!! What more can you want in a guest?


Stevie Jay,

ESPN 93.5

I can honestly say the principles we found in the ‘Get Lean for Life’ program made all the difference! I had no idea I could make such a difference in my body in such a short period of time. With this system it isn’t like Warren is with you, Warren IS with you! And this (he) is the difference!


Warren Honeycutt is by far one of the most fun and informative guests we've had over the years. I think he connects with the audience because he sincerely cares about people. I wish he lived in Columbus, Georgia!


Dee Armstrong,

Testimonial Author Meta

I have lost now almost 200 pounds! And I am well on my way to my goal of 130 pounds. Warren really knows how to get the fastest results in the shortest possible time and as a Personal Trainer he is absolutely INCREDIBLE!


Warren is one of our favorite guests. He always brings great information to our national audience!


Judy Gaman,

Testimonial Author Meta

I have never been extremely overweight but I didn’t know at my age (60) could regain a youthful figure. I look better now than I did when I was 30! With the ‘Get Lean for Life’ system you will actually change your mind and bring it in harmony with your fitness goals!


Get Honeycutt' has been an asset to 600 WREC's weekend lineup, providing an informative and entertaining perspective of health, nutrition, and fitness. Warren Honeycutt brings a unique perspective and expertise to the airwaves,ith a calm and authoritative delivery. Warren understands the importance
 of health and wellness and how to communicate it to people of all walks of life. We're glad to have him on the air every Saturday afternoon at 3pm.


Jake Cook,

Program Director, iHeart Media, Host of 'The Sunset Bar and Grill' on Rock 103.