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Jack Lalanne

- Jessica Curtis
Producer, Fox News Radio, New York

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Ep 45: Janine Avanti – No Growth Without Challenge

  Janine Avanti is an Accredited Lifetime Athlete, a health and fitness advocate.  She is also a World Champion Water Skier, Nationally ranked Bodybuilding Fitness Competitor, Actress, Motivational Speaker, Model, Painting Contractor, Accountant, Missionary, Volunteer, Survivor and so much more.  She holds the fastest speed on the water – 102…

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Ep 44: Pamela Arnold John – Discipline to Win at Life!

  Pamela Arnold John is from Memphis, TN.  She is a National Physique Committee Judge, AFAA certified Personal Trainer.  Pamela has overcome many setbacks but persevered through many hardships and became an IFBB Pro Bikini.     What You’ll Learn in This Interview Pamela’s life story about coming over from…

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Ep 43: Camille Nelson – A Leader of a Diversified Portfolio & Creator of ‘Lead Me Home’

  Camille Nelson singer, songwriter and musician with Stone Angel Music and has just released her album ‘Lead Me Home’ it has charted #8 on classical crossover billboard, #11 on the classical Billboard chart and #4 on heatseekers billboard charts. Camille speaks English, German, Italian and Spanish. She holds a…

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Ep 42: Maddi Lambert – Story of a 20-Year-Old Personal Trainer

  Maddi Cade Lambert is a 20-year-old personal trainer at HQ Fitness in Hernando, MS and an Exercise Science Major at the University of Memphis, in Memphis, TN.  Maddi placed in the top 10 in the Miss Mississippi USA in October 2017 as “Miss Hernando” and her platform was “healthy…

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Ep 41: Cyndi O’Meara – What’s with Wheat

  Cyndi O’Meara is a nutritionist, documentary creator –‘What’s With Wheat?’, best-selling author, educator, international speaker and founder of Changing Habits and Functional Nutrition Academy. Cyndi graduated with a BSc majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in 1984, her special interest was ancestral foods. At the end of her degree…

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Ep 40: Dr. Ward Bond – Brain Benefits from Body Movement

  Dr. Bond is widely known from his writings, his television and radio appearances, and his lectures, as one of America’s most prominent authorities on what has become a “hot” topic: the use of natural, safe supplements to combat problems of our health and to head off potential problems associated…

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Ep 39: Andy Savage – Live Life with Abundance, Energy & Passion

  Andy is a national speaker, the author of multiple books, and host of the Andy Savage Radio Show & podcast. As a proud parent of a child with Down syndrome, Andy is also very involved in local organizations that support special needs and positive family values. Next to his…

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Ep 38: Tracy N Benstock – Hormones, Sleep, Eating Habits: how are they connected?

  Tracy Norris Benstock lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and is involved with Corporate Wellness. She developed the first Corporate Wellness Program for Carnival Cruise Lines. She also does legal nurse consulting, marketing, anti-aging, and is a Registered Professional Nurse.   What You’ll Learn in This Interview What are…

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Ep 37: Jeremy Bennett – How Martial Arts Helps in Overall Health

  Jeremy began his martial art career in 1993 when he was only 8 years old.  He competed extensively throughout Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana, when he was a color belt and when he became a novice black belt.  He began competing on a National level at the…

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Ep 36: Jerry Barhum – Case Study of 300 Pounds Man!

  When Jerry hit 300 pounds, he realized a decision had to be made and he made it. The change made a difference in his lifestyle which he shares with us.   What You’ll Learn in This Interview How a normal person changed himself from 300 pounds to a healthy…

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