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Are You?

Losing Weight ONLY Happens
When You’re HEALTHY!

Here are The Seven Keys you MUST
understand – and use – so you can

Have you tried all the “fad” diets you read about
or hear about?

Are you tired of not getting the results you want?

Are you ready to REALLY get your body into a
healthy, lean, tone and trimmed physique you
can ENJOY and be proud of?

It’s not too late. No matter what point you’re
starting at right now, I know I can help you get
the results you want.


Hello, my name is Warren Honeycutt, and you
heard me on the radio talking about my book,
“How The Health Are You?”

That title is actually designed
as a QUESTION that YOU need
to answer.

And when you read my book, you’ll know the

You’ll also know how to GET to the point where
you LIVE the answer!

Wouldn’t that be great?

  • Can’t you just imagine how much better you’ll feel
    when you lose that “spare tire” around your waist?
  • Someday soon, you’ll no longer have to wear
    those big giant over-sized blouses, skirts, and
    shirts just to hide yourself!
  • You’ll be able to wear jeans and outfits much
    than what you have in your daily wardrobe
    right now.
  • You’ll have ENERGY and GOOD HEALTH – and be
    able to say “good-bye” to that worn-out, lethargic
    feeling you’re left with at the end of each day.
  • You’ll know what FOODS to eat – and what foods
    NOT to eat – and still ENJOY eating like never
  • You will even learn how to CHANGE YOUR
    MINDSET – so that losing weight and staying in
    GREAT SHAPE becomes as normal and natural as
    breathing or driving a car!

All it takes is a thorough understanding of the
7 Key Secrets that I reveal and teach in my new book,
“How The HEALTH Are You?”

I know you’ll love this book.

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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

I’m betting you’ll love my information so much – especially when
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The “Get Honeycutt” Nutrition Plan Guarantees:

  • You will lose an average of 2-4 pounds of ugly fat each week!
  • You will NEVER have to count calories!
  • You will NOT ever feel deprived of the foods you love!
  • You will NOT ever be hungry!
  • You WILL have amazing energy!
  • You will NOT have to ‘Diet!’
  • In short you will look better, think better, sleep better, have abundant energy and really begin to Live Life LOUD!!

This is the exact program that allows Warren to be in perfect health with the body of a 25 year old at 65 years young with less than 7% bodyfat, year in and year out!!

Here's what people have said about this book!

This is not an exercise book, though there are some exercises demonstrated among the pages. This is not a book of menus, though there are some delicious low-fat, low-cal alternative recipes for those with a sweet tooth, like me. This book is for people who are ready to become deliberate creators and transform themselves starting NOW. If you change your mind, you'll change your life. Warren tells you how in this book. In his own words, "The body hears everything the mind thinks." Are you settling for less than you're capable? You don't have to. Warren outlines the winning steps in this book---Dream, desire, decide, design, dispel, determine, and develop. I think I already applied some of these steps without realizing it during my own journey to ultimate health and fitness. I lost about 130 pounds before I heard what Warren had to say. There was always something getting in my way of progress and, after reading “How the Health Are You?”, I understood what was causing my periods of stagnation. It's about moving beyond your weight goals in your mind, to become successful at whatever you choose to become in life. I can't tell you how often I've wondered, what's next? Now I'm very excited about discovering my untapped potential. Achieving my ideal weight and curing myself of diabetes through proper diet and regular exercise is only a springboard to more amazing experiences. Thank you, Warren, for teaching me how to put fitness on autopilot and allow myself to soar beyond my previous dreams. I'm down 202 pounds! You have a friend for life.

Alma M.,

 I was enthralled! The material in “How the Health Are You?” is packed with information you don't see anywhere else. It is an incredibly strong book for real people. It's like having a heart to heart chat with a friend and a spiritual renewal that comes from being cherished. Alma, your essay was phenomenal. Even though I have known you all this time, and followed your journey through the kindness of your shared emails and posts, I was renewed and encouraged through your part in Warren Honeycutt's amazing book.

C. Schaefers,

This isn't a book that will reverse all your years of poor nutrition and lack of exercise and give you the body of your dreams in a week. It won't do it in a month, either. The thing it will do is fundamentally change the way you think about your well-being. I bought this book because I wanted to see how Warren did it. The easiest way to be successful is to do what successful people do. Warren isn't just a prominent fitness guru, he's renowned in the business world as well. By no means am I some great success story that lost all this weight and have only this book to thank. I'm a work in progress. We all are, but I know that I'm getting closer each and everyday to chisel the mind and body of my dreams. Nutrition isn't just calories in, calories out as a simple nutrition calculator would say. It's people. It's circumstances and we never really think about nutrition in the detail we think of other things. It's a science that goes all the way into your subconscious mind. Why do I crave cupcakes after a long day? Why won't I reach for a glass of water or a piece of fruit as a bed time snack? The 7 Keys Warren illustrated in this book will forever change the way you think about the world around you. It's insane that it only cost me what it did because like many others, I never had anyone sit me down and go over some of these life principles. I said life principles, did you get that? Nutrition, fitness, and looking good without clothes on is all part of your life. I really can't say much more other than urge you to buy the book and give yourself the best possible chance to build the life of your dreams.


Aalok Joshion,

I think the biggest reason why I appreciate and enjoyed “How the Health Are You?” so much is that it came at me from a different angle...not just discipline, not just diet, but deeper. Offering tools to get my head wrapped around the information to use it in the best manner possible has made all the difference for me. It seems that Warren Honeycutt has tapped that whole "Mind/Body/Spirit" thing in such a way that I finally had that "AHA" moment, to help me stay on track.... really on track. I have a much greater desire every day to be fueling my body (check some of the recipe ideas in the back) for FUN daily exercise (and I never thought that combination of words would escape ME), while feeling the peace and gratitude for what I've been given, and what I'm achieving. It has become my daily routine, which is huge, because I had never made that "long term" commitment to myself. I am keeping this book forever, and sending some copies to loved ones.


Christine R.,

I dedicate my life to research investigating beyond the common and superficial. When I research I do not stop until I find the best that can simplify my existence straightforward the faster way to go to the root of things.
This is what Warren Honeycutt offer with his unique method to get the body that I always wanted!
This takes a "GURU" like Warren to put your body on "AUTOPILOT" I found that the power of your subconscious mind, will not only give you the map to design your body in a way never seen before, but it will transform your life from the inside-out and more importantly keep the ideal weight no matter what's your age or weight!
You will just say, Why did I not find it before!!!
This book requires your full attention and exercise of the mind connection to your spirit and body!. You will be amazed to see the results when you see your body changes!
You are going to experience the straight line road to becoming a better you!, Warren HONEYCUTT is the real Fitness GURU, great leader and teacher with a genuine passion to teach you that you can GET LEAN FOR LIFE!! This book will remain in my library forever!




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I’m betting you’ll love my information so much – especially when
you give it a try – that you would never even think of asking for a refund.
But just in case, you take NO RISK when you order my book today.

That’s how confident I am.

Because I know how GRATEFUL YOU will be!