Ep 17: Stevie Jay – Sugar Busters Club


As a top radio personality for over 30 years in Champaign Urbana Radio, Stevie Jay is known for his enthusiasm, energy and his positive attitude. He has worked with ABC Radio Sports, on several PBS specials, and on stage across the state, the country and Puerto Rico. His regular radio guests include Hall of Fame player and coach Mike Ditka, Steve Forbes, and former Illinois Governor Jim Edgar. Warren welcomes Stevie again on the show today!


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • How to change lifestyle and habits by applying the principles to change your behaviours and modify your lifestyle
  • Learn about ‘Stevie Jay Sugar Busters Club’ and how to participate in it
  • How to stop sugar addiction and SLEEP better!
  • Stevie’s personal story of working with famous athletes


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