Ep 18: Geoff Hampton – Habits to have a healthy lifestyle!


Geoff Hampton lives in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He is a nationally renowned expert in fitness and health.  He has been speaking for over thirty years and is an author as well.  He and his Regional Staff and Training Program have worked with Cedardale Health and Fitness, Baptist, Health Plex, and Spa 21.  He has also worked with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • The typical attitude of going to a doctor, getting a prescription and thinking that you’ll get fine – it is a false notion
  • A real-life example of removing insulin shots from your life and getting a healthy lifestyle
  • To get a healthy lifestyle you should have a written plan and monitor it
  • What is that one important key from those seven keys that are needed to change a habit


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