Ep 20: Tim Van Horn – Figure out the ‘WHY’ of your Life!


Tim has been a Meteorologist at WMC since 1999, serving the Mid-South in sunny and stormy times. He works now with Karen Perrin Morning Memphis News. Having earned the Broadcaster’s Seal Of Approval from the National Weather Association as well as designation as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society, Tim has achieved a high level of competency acknowledged by his industry peers. Warren welcomes Tim again on the show!


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • How to choose what’s important in your life and set your goal and priorities
  • How to beat addiction and bad habits
  • How to change society’s dogma from your mind and use your own will-power to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Tim’s personal opinions about if exercise is more important or healthy eating
  • …… and much more!


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  1. “Find the motivation which is beyond seen!” @MyTimVanHorn Listen to this amazing discussion here! http://bit.ly/2hdWtRA #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  2. Why can’t we move away from our comfort zones and can achieve if we just did that!  @MyTimVanHorn http://apple.co/2xQV05z #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  3. “If your health is not important to you, it’s not going to improve!” Listen here to my discussion about health and well being with  @MyTimVanHorn http://bit.ly/2yzpWtj #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast


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“To share insights from renowned Health, Nutrition and Fitness experts to enrich lives. To give truths and principles that allow Wholeness of Body, Mind and Spirit and pave a path to lives of abundance, energy, enthusiasm and passion!”

– Warren Honeycutt

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