Ep 24: Ryan Kirk – Solutions to Your Wellbeing and Self Image


Dr. Kirk worked with Wellcare foundation in Phoenix area. This is a multiclinic organization that provides free healthcare to the working and poor single mothers and their kids. Dr. Kirk was named Physician of the year by Wellcare foundation and was appointed medical director. Dr. Kirk unlike the lot of other doctors believe that the best way to treat is to prevent it. His medicine is the best medicine and he does that by catching disease early and prevents it by lifestyle, nutrition, prescription when needed. His organization’s mission is to help you understand the critical need for health and wellness from personal, and epidemiological standpoints. To determine your health and wellness goals and match a solution that comfortable fits your resources. To develop sustainable behaviors that allow you to perform at your highest potential.


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • Dr. Kirk’s procedures and way of practicing to help general public
  • A brand new ‘Green Laser Technology’ helping people with fat issues in the body
  • Dr. Krik’s procedures helping people in their self-image and improving lifestyle
  • Methods of disease prevention
  • …… and much more!


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Connect with Dr. Kirk:

Email: drryan@litelife.com


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