Ep 45: Janine Avanti – No Growth Without Challenge


Janine Avanti is an Accredited Lifetime Athlete, a health and fitness advocate.  She is also a World Champion Water Skier, Nationally ranked Bodybuilding Fitness Competitor, Actress, Motivational Speaker, Model, Painting Contractor, Accountant, Missionary, Volunteer, Survivor and so much more.  She holds the fastest speed on the water – 102 mph. She holds 20 National Ski Titles and she is in the USA Hall of Fame, Water Skier of The Year.  She currently has three movies in the works, latest is ͞”Forbidden Power”.


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • Janine’s life and the obstacles she had to overcome
  • How challenges of life make us stronger and that made Janine achieve highest world record
  • How can one get through depression
  • Trial and learn experiences and getting better at life
  • …… and much more!


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  1. The ones who had tremendous obstacles in lives have achieved the highest heights! and today I have that real life example on my show! Janine Avanti @JanineAvanti Listen to her inspirational life journey http://bit.ly/2BDMMDP #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  2. “You have got a dream? and you get just one life! So get on the information highway – we have EVERYTHING available only if we want to achieve something!” @JanineAvanti Listen here http://apple.co/2xQV05z #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  3. “You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable – if you do not take step forward for yourself, you’re not going to go out of that space!” @JanineAvanti listen here http://bit.ly/2yzpWtj #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast


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