Ep 47: Camille Nelson – Goal Setting with Good Habits


Camille Nelson singer, songwriter and musician with Stone Angel Music and has just released her album ‘Lead Me Home’ it has charted #8 on classical crossover billboard, #11 on the classical Billboard chart and #4 on heatseekers billboard charts. Camille speaks English, German, Italian and Spanish. She holds a PHD in Leadership Studies and competed for 4 years in Fitness Competition on IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson’s team.


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • How good habits make you achieve goals easily
  • How do you set goals effectively and turn it into dreams and habits
  • Perfection isn’t possible but how to chase perfection and become successful
  • How to do anything in life to live a life of success
  • …… and much more!


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  1. “Goal isn’t really a goal until you put it into a habit” Listen to this inspiring discussion here, with @camillenmusic http://bit.ly/2kszvUU #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  2. There’s no reward in being safe, without risk there’s no reward! Listen to @camillenmusic’s amazing life success tips on iTunes http://apple.co/2xQV05z #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  3. “The success and goals are find within the habits” listen here how, with @camillenmusic http://bit.ly/2yzpWtj #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast


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