Ep 50: Art Camacho – From LA’s Ghettos to Being a Hollywood Celebrity


Award-winning action film Director/Fight choreographer/stunt performer Art Camacho has a vast experience in the entertainment industry. He is in production of Final Payback 2, a sequel to one of his successful action films, and in development of a Latino Vampire film called “The Crossing”. Camacho also Co-produced, wrote and Directed “Confessions of a pit fighter” which was released in by Lionsgate Pictures. His background in martial arts and fighting helped him make the transition to Fight choreography in martial arts action films. With over 35 action films under his belt as a fight choreographer he was dubbed “The Fight Master” by the leading martial arts publications. Camacho then became a successful feature film director/Producer. Camacho was most recently featured on Latin Nation and he was the first recipient of the “The Outstanding Director of the Year” award from the Action on film, film festival 2005/2006, The Golden and Bronze halo awards from the Hollywood motion picture counsel. Camacho was also recipient of an award from the World Martial arts Association that was presented to him on behalf of Alan Horn (CEO of The Walt Disney Company) and Michael Klausman (President of CBS studios).


What You’ll Learn in This Interview

  • What was Camacho’s motivation to reach the heights of Hollywood as being grew up in the ghetto and that too as an obese kid
  • What were the three defining moments in Camacho’s life
  • What Camacho’s book is about and how it defines leading and living a dream
  • His advice on how to achieve your dreams with passion and not to expect an easy life makes you a winner
  • …… and much more!


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