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You’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own..

Why not learn from someone who has gotten fit and stayed fit for more than 40 years? 

At age 65, Warren Honeycutt has perfected his body and unlocked the keys to health, fitness and nutrition. And now, for a limited time, you have a chance to work directly with him to recreate his results for yourself. 


Training designed to reach your health goals…

You know that while the workout programs and health books share sound advice, implementing a routine and sticking to it is the toughest part.

If you’re tired of the the one-size-fit-all approach to health and you’re ready for something uniquely designed to work for your body, you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for. 


 Exercise is King, Nutrition is Queen, but they come together you have a wonderful Kingdom called LIFE! 

Introducing the Get Honeycutt Program

In as little as 48 hours you can have a Personalized Video, filmed by Warren in ‘real time’ around your schedule, tailored to your specific goals. Giving you detailed, step by step instructions and access to the secrets that allow this 65-year-old (young) man to be in perfect health while maintaining 7% bodyfat year after year.

Because it is customized the ‘Get Honeycutt’ Program works equally well for Men and Women!

Personalized Coaching and Accountability
Nutrition Plan designed according to your lifestyle
Real Time Fitness Training

Get started in three simple steps

Your fitness program begins with a consultation call with Warren where you discuss your goals. Warren then films a video for you in “real time” meaning move by move, step by step to help you see and follow along in your training. After a week of working out and following your personalized plan, you’ll reconnect with Warren, review your progress/ concerns and help you to tweak your routine based on the conversation.

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Schedule a consultation call with Warren to explain your fitness goals


Receive your tailor made, personalized training program.


Get feedback from Warren to tweak your routine for maximum results

What happens when you complete this process?

Click play and hear from some of Warren’s clients as they share their results. 

Not only do you lose weight AND reach your fitness goals. The results last!

Are you ready to Get Honeycutt? 


More Success Stories


Lost 40lbs

“I have been interested and involved in fitness for many years. Going from a college student (photo above) to being named NPC Figure and Fitness Missouri Champion and then FAME World’s Champion (Bikini)

I have had the honor of knowing Warren for 8 years and to me he is my Hero, Role Model, Trainer and Coach. He is this era’s Jack Lalanne! His ‘Get Lean for Life’ program streamlines weight control and gives anyone freedom to enjoy life, enjoy food, health and fullness of life!”


Lost 76lbs

“My name is Jason and at age 28 I was 290 pounds (30 pounds more than Jason’s picture here) at this point I purchased a popular 90-day fitness program while I was still in my first 30 days my wife Nicole began giving me advice. Nicole had gone through the ‘Get Lean for Life’ system. What struck me as being so different was the focus was placed on having the right mental attitude and the structure of the fitness routines and nutrition. I began to understand that I could achieve much more in much less time! I work in retail management and time is precious to me. I learned for myself that ‘where the mind goes, your body will follow!’ (I borrowed this phrase from Warren)


Lost 192lbs

“I have lost now almost 200 pounds! And I am well on my way to my goal of 130 pounds. Warren really knows how to get the fastest results in the shortest possible time and as a Personal Trainer he is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I love his energy and enthusiasm; he has a passion for living life to it’s fullest!

The (Get Lean) system he developed is incredible, you owe it to yourself to check it out. If I can do this you can too!”


More than just coaching, you’ll have access to Warren’s nutrition plan

Ever read a fitness book or even watched a video and wondered… is this REALLY what they do to stay in shape?

See a break down of every meal that Warren eats – portions, times, brands… even grab a copy of his shopping list. Let’s face it, having the body of a 25 year old at age 65 (or any age) would make this program worth it and more. 

With Your Purchase of this program, the “Get Honeycutt” Nutrition Plan Guarantees


  • You will lose an average of 2-4 pounds of ugly fat each week!
  • You will NEVER have to count calories!
  • You will NOT ever feel deprived of the foods you love!
  • You will NOT ever be hungry!
  • You WILL have amazing energy!
  • You will NOT have to ‘Diet!’
  • In short you will look better, think better, sleep better, have abundant energy and really begin to Live Life LOUD!!

Get this special bonus when you sign up today!


You’ll receive a FREE copy of Warren’s best-selling book, How the Health Are You? This is not a ‘booklet’ but rather 176 pages to address making a lifestyle change…that last a lifetime!!

“It is my sincere desire for you that my program will put you on the road to living a lifestyle that gives you Hope, Passion, Enthusiasm and Joy that allows you to LIVE LIFE LOUD!!

– All My Best,

Everything you need to be in the best shape of your life