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Jack Lalanne

- Jessica Curtis
Producer, Fox News Radio, New York

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Ep 15: Jeff Watkins – A Journey of Shedding 105 Pounds!

  Jeff is a personal trainer at the 24/7 Health Club in Horn Lake, Mississippi.  When Jeff was 25 years old he weighed 285 pounds and was soft.  He was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and was on a prescription for high cholesterol.  That was a turning point for him.  He began…

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Ep 14: Dr. Joe Kasper – Live a healthiest, fullest life as possible!

  The Kasper Institute was born from a passion within Joe Kasper, Ph.D. to help people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences achieve their healthiest, fullest lives. Dr. Joe’s ground-breaking work as a master health coach, exercise therapist, author, and unforgettable motivational speaker has impacted thousands over the past 20…

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Ep 13: Cliff Bomar – All About Eliminating Sugar From Your Life!

  Cliff Bomar of HardBodies International is a fixture in bodybuilding. He is a National level NPC Judge and usually can be found at most local shows as well. He is one of the go to guys in the sport. His advice to competitors over the years has been invaluable.…

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Ep 12: Dr. Allen File – Horrors of Diabetes and Prevention

  This week, Warren is joined by Dr. Allen File, who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and currently practices in Urbana, IL (home of University of Illinois) at Carle Clinic and Hospital. Dr. File specializes in wound care and Hyperbaric Oxygen. He has extensive experience in treating…

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Ep 11: Dustin Starr – Energetic, Successful & Polished Memphis Grizzly!

  Co-Host CW30 STARRS, twice Mr. Tennessee (Physique) and Professional Wrestler, Dustin Starr is the MC for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies. Since he was five years old, Dustin always knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler. He grew up in Memphis watching Memphis Wrestling every Saturday morning on WMC-TV5…

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Ep 10: Michelle Adams – Inspiration to Live the Happiest Life Possible!

  Michelle Adams’ mission is to help people move, look better and feel better at any age while having fun and living life! She has her own personal coaching & training, Michelle Adams Personal Training. Michelle specializes in fat loss training, nutrition education, and mindset coaching. She reviews each client’s…

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Ep 09: Terry McCormack – Winning on Life with Positive Attitude

  In January 1998, Mr. McCormack became Vice President and General Manager of Dana’s Wix Filtration Products Division for North America and promoted in 1999 to President of Wix Worldwide Automotive Aftermarket Group and promoted again in 2000 as President of Dana Strategic Business Unit Aftermarket Group reporting directly to…

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Ep 08: Forbes Riley – National Fitness Hall of Fame’r

  Forbes is the spokesperson for Jack Lalanne Juicer, Award-Winning TV host, Author, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, One of the World’s Leading Health & Wellness experts (National Fitness Hall of Fame inductee). Forbes was voted the “Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television” through her roles as a sought-after spokesperson, broadcast journalist…

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Ep 07: Amanda Douglas – All about Figure and Fitness!

  Amanda was a firefighter who got injured but that didn’t stop her struggle and motivation towards her dreams. She is been in several movies, she has been a past MPC Missouri figure and fitness champion and earned a pro card.     What You’ll Learn in This Interview How…

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Ep 06: Kristi Edwards – Achieving Goals & Fulfilling Dreams in Twenties!

  Kristi is a registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Regional One Health in Memphis. She has the clinical nutrition master’s program from the University of Memphis. And at the age of 26 she is the Co-Founder/Owner at 901 Nutrition, LLC. Her interests include diabetes, weight management, performance/sports nutrition. She’s a Certified…

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