“Pretty much my entire adult life I struggled with my weight. I had tried everything from Weight Watchers, to the Atkins Diet to Nutrisystem. And with every program the results were the same, I would lose weight but always gain it back. My weight had ballooned up to 207 pounds by the time I reached my 34th birthday.”

“I was a member of Olympic Gym at the time I met Warren. I had watched him and his wife train for several months before I worked up enough courage to introduce myself and ask him for help. This meeting truly changed my life. Warren introduced me to his ‘Get Lean for Life’ system and I was amazed at how differently he approached weight control than everybody else. His program taught me how to make a lifestyle change, a change that not only made losing weight easy but for the first time in my life I understood how to change my mind to change my body! My photo here shows me at my first show, I placed 3rd in the Southern Classic, Figure Division.”

“My husband, Joey and I have never been obese but we both wanted to get into the best shape of our lives. I was 46 and this was my goal. I can honestly say the principles we found in the ‘Get Lean for Life’ program made all the difference! I had no idea I could make such a difference in my body in such a short period of time. With this system it isn’t like Warren is with you, Warren IS with you! And this (he) is the difference!”

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“I have lost now almost 200 pounds! And I am well on my way to my goal of 130 pounds. Warren really knows how to get the fastest results in the shortest possible time and as a Personal Trainer he is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I love his energy and enthusiasm; he has a passion for living life to it’s fullest! The (Get Lean) system he developed is incredible, you owe it to yourself to check it out. If I can do this you can too!”

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“I have never been extremely overweight but I didn’t know at my age (60) could regain a youthful figure. I look better now than I did when I was 30! With the ‘Get Lean for Life’ system you will actually change your mind and bring it in harmony with your fitness goals!”

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“My name is John and I am a policeman and staying in shape is very important to me. The biggest problem I always had was getting lean. I had trained for years and got average results and I was blown away at how little time it took to get into incredible shape. In 60 days I went from 220 pounds to 180 pounds, the fat melted away and I have abs now! I’ve never had abs! Warren promised Maximum Results in Minimum Time and that is what I got!”

See John in our Testimonial Video “What Our Clients are Saying”

“My wife, Angela and I began to utilize the ‘Get Lean for Life’ program at the same time. Angela and I were members of the same gym, HQ Fitness where Warren trains. We watched him for several weeks and was always amazed at not only how he looked but how little time he spent in the gym! After several weeks of watching from a distance we introduced ourselves and he introduced us to his program, “Get Lean for Life.” It approaches weight loss and fitness from a totally different angle than any other program in the world. Our first step was to begin to understand that our minds and bodies work together. And when this finally sinks in, the rest really is easy. And until the mind (where the real problem lies) is addressed losing weight and gaining it back will be a never ending merry-go-round.”


“I have been interested and involved in fitness for many years. Going from a college student (photo above) to being named NPC Figure and Fitness Missouri Champion and then FAME World’s Champion (Bikini) I have had the honor of knowing Warren for 8 years and to me he is my Hero, Role Model, Trainer and Coach. He is this era’s Jack Lalanne! His ‘Get Lean for Life’ program streamlines weight control and gives anyone freedom to enjoy life, enjoy food, health and fullness of life!”

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“My name is Jason and at age 28 I was 290 pounds (30 pounds more than Jason’s picture here) at this point I purchased a popular 90-day fitness program while I was still in my first 30 days my wife Nicole began giving me advice. Nicole had gone through the ‘Get Lean for Life’ system. What struck me as being so different was the focus was placed on having the right mental attitude and the structure of the fitness routines and nutrition. I began to understand that I could achieve much more in much less time! I work in retail management and time is precious to me. I learned for myself that ‘where the mind goes, your body will follow!’ (I borrowed this phrase from Warren)